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The Best Body Pillow For Side Sleepers: According To Experts

In this blog post, we will explore the best body pillow for side sleepers and provide you with advice from sleep experts on how to find the right one for you. From positioning to materials and more, read on to learn all you need to know about the best body pillow for side sleepers.


What Is A Body Pillow?


A body pillow is a type of long pillow that is designed to be used as a support for the head and neck. They are often filled with soft materials, such as feathers or foam, to make them comfortable to sleep on. They are also often larger than traditional pillows, which makes them more suitable for people who want more support around their heads and necks.


There are a number of different types of body pillows available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Somebody who wants to use a body pillow should consider which type of sleeping style they fall into before making a purchase.


Here are four different types of sleeping styles and what each one needs from a body pillow:

body pillow for side sleepers

Side sleeper: Side sleepers need more support around their heads and necks than other types of sleepers because they tend to move around a lot during the night. A body pillow for side sleepers will be bigger and softer than one that is ideal for other types of sleepers.


Back sleeper: Back sleepers don't move as much during the night, so a standard pillow will suffice for them. However, back sleepers do still need enough space around their heads and necks to allow for proper breathing, so a body pillow that is larger in size is ideal.


Stomach sleeper: Stomach sleepers don't move at all during the night, which means that they don't need any type of neck or head support. That said, stomach sleepers do need a pillow that is soft and comfortable enough to support their heads and necks.


Combination sleeper: Most people fall somewhere between back and side sleepers, which is why a body pillow that is designed for both back and side sleepers is a good option. This type of pillow is usually smaller in size than a body pillow designed specifically for one type of sleeper, but it is also softer and more comfortable.


Here are some tips from sleep experts on how to choose the best one for side sleepers:


First, consider your comfort level. Some people find that a standard pillow is too soft, while others find that a harder pillow is uncomfortable. There are also specialty body pillows designed for side sleepers, such as ones with extra-soft core materials or smaller pillows that conform more closely to your body.


Second, consider your sleeping position. A standard pillow will likely be too large or too small for people who sleep on their side, so it's important to find a pillow that fits your specific needs. Side sleepers typically prefer a thinner pillowcase or no pillowcase at all because they want maximum contact with the bed sheets. If you're unsure about what type of pillow will work best for you, ask your doctor or a specialist in sleep medicine.


Finally, consider whether you need a mattress protector. Body pillows can add thickness and weight to the bed, and some people may not want them if their bed doesn't have a built-in protector. If you're not sure whether you need a protector, ask your Bedouin retailer about their policy on using body pillows without one.


How Do Body Pillows Work?


There are body pillows for people of all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to find the perfect one. Sleep experts recommend a body pillow that is firm but not too hard, with a comfortable cover. Here are four tips for finding the best body pillow for side sleepers:


  1. Test out different types of body pillows before settling on one. There are many different types of body pillows on the market, so it's important to test out a few to find the perfect one for you.
  2. Look for a pillow that is firm but not too hard. A good body pillow should be firm enough to provide support while you're sleeping, but not too hard or uncomfortable.
  3. Consider your bed type and size. Somebody who naturally uses their left side more often might want a softer and flatter pillow than somebody who sleeps on their right side most of the time. Likewise, if your bed is small or you have a tight bed frame, you might want to look for a smaller pillow that will fit better.
  4. Think about your sleeping style before making a purchase. Do you usually sleep on your back or Side? Are you an arm person or leg person? Once you know these things, it'll be easier to find the right type of body pillow for you!


The Different Types Of Body Pillows


There are different types of body pillows that can be used for side sleepers. Some are designed specifically for this purpose, while others can be used for any type of sleeper. Here are some of the most popular types of body pillows for side sleepers:


Cervical Pillow: A cervical pillow is designed to provide support and alignment to the neck and spine. It is often recommended as a first option for those who are new to using a body pillow, as it is more supportive than other types and doesn't require extensive adjustments.


Side Sleeper's Pillow: A side sleeper's pillow is specifically designed to cradle the head and neck in a comfortable position. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be filled with anything from feathers to foam.


Elbow/Knee Pillow: An elbow/knee pillow is typically shaped like an upside-down U and is designed to help distribute pressure evenly across the shoulder and knee joints. They're not as supportive as cervical or side sleeper's pillows, but they're more suitable for those who need extra space between their head and shoulder or want additional support at the waist area.


Which Body Pillow Is Best For Side Sleepers?


There are many different types of body pillows on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for side sleepers. One option is to try out a few different brands and see which one feels the best. However, this may not be ideal if you want to find a specific type of pillow that will work best for you.


If you want to find a specific type of body pillow that is specifically designed for side sleepers, then you should consider buying a full body pillow. These pillows are designed to mimic the natural curves of your body, and they are often more comfortable than other types of pillows. They also tend to support your head and neck better than other types of body pillows. Another option is to buy a memory foam pillow. These are usually less expensive than contour pillows, but they may not be as supportive or comfortable.


The Best Body Pillow For Side Sleepers Is


The Sleepsia Full Body Pillow is the best body pillow for side sleepers. It is made from a soft, luxurious fabric and has a removable cover that can be washed. The Sleepsia Full Body Pillow is also adjustable, so it will fit most people.




If you're a side sleeper, you know that finding the best body pillow can be challenging. But don't worry, sleep experts have weighed in and determined which pillow is the best for side sleepers. According to them, the Sleepsia Full Body Pillow is the perfect choice for those who want extra support while they slumber.



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